Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Revolutionary & Patented Nano Ceramic Technology
Easy Treatment of Engine: Restore, Repair & Protect

Nano spherical ceramic powder manufacturing,Platinum coating technology and nano dispersion & absorption technology. The combination of Platinum coated ceramicnano powder has great advantage for engine restorationwith endurance of high temperature, humidity, superior lubrication andgreat combustibility without side-effect.

The restoring ability could be well harmonized with platinum coated nano ceramic powder. Our uniquely developed platinum coated ceramic is 20 times stronger than steel and Platinum is helpful for great combustibility & powerful engine.

Restoring Process of Nano Energizer. Excellent Ceramic cermet coating nano ceramic powder mixed with engine oil restoresworn-out parts of engine.Cracked parts have high electric potential and charged particlesare moved selectively into cracked parts.Tight platinum metallic cohesion is conducted by heat and pressure.After restoring, cracked parts of engine is recovered and nano powder forms lubricant membrane on inner wall of engine.


  • Smoother, Quieter Engine with more Power & Economical Solution.
  • Fuel savings up to 8-21 %(up to 40% in idle mode)
  • 5 times lowered noise and vibration levels.
  • Restores friction surfaces and protects against wear 100 times reduction of the friction coefficient.
  • Increased oil pressure & great combustibility.
  • Brings engine power up to 100%3-9 times reduction in CO and CH in the exhaust
  • Good for the environmentsafe & guaranteed
How to use?

Injection Objects:Nano Energizer recommended for automobiles at least 3,000 km of use.The effect is better for old cars.It can be used for any type of cars that uses mineral and synthetic oil.

Injection Period:Injection is available at anytime, but effective period iswhen engine oil is being changed.Recommended to change Nano Energizer upon driving 30,000km.Wear resistance of the protective coating is guaranteedwithin 1year at any running.

Injection Method:Warm up engine after change engine oil. Shake Nano Energizer enough before injection, as subsidence may occur for long storage.Open oil filler cap and inject Nano Energizer slowly.Close oil filler cap and keep idle for 20 minutes or drive 30km.

Distributor in Malaysia:


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Kingfisher Ph.2, Kuala Inanam
88400 Kota Kinabalu, SABAH
Tel & Fax: 6-088 -432195
Mobile: 016 8325071
Email: hseqadvisor@yahoo.com


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